Why Catherine Lowe Worries It's Going to Be Years Before We See The Golden Bachelorette

To be clear, Catherine Giudici Lowe can definitely see herself falling in love with The Golden Bachelorette. 

She's already fully there with Gerry Turner and the cast of elegant, poised women competing for the 72-year-old retiree's heart on The Golden Bachelor. "It's just such a sweet, wholesome, lovely little show," Catherine told E! News in an exclusive interview. "And I'm so glad that they did that." 

Why Catherine Lowe Worries It's Going to Be Years Before We See The Golden Bachelorette

Like the rest of the Bachelor Nation loyalists, the season 17 final rose recipient was somewhat skeptical when the casting calls first aired. "I remember them doing promos, like, sign up if you want to be in this season, if you're a senior," said Catherine, who was curious how the champagne-, helicopter- and hot tub-filled antics might translate for the AARP-eligible set. "You just don't know what to expect." 

But it took only one episode of watching Faith Martin cruise in on a motorcycle and former Prince paramour Leslie Fhima show off her dance moves for Catherine to happily sign on for the full sure-to-be-dramatic journey. "I mean, I'm jealous of some of those women," she marveled. "They're stunning." 

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Which is why the 37-year-old is concerned about producers' ability to fill up their limos with enough mature men who are there for the right reasons. 

She certainly hopes that there will be a Golden Bachelorette "because I want to see it," she acknowledged. However, pondered Catherine, "What about casting for men? Are there a lot of older men that are the same caliber? Because those women are good looking."

So while Susan Noles and Sandra Mason have already volunteered as rose-distributing tributes ("If they asked me today, I'd be there tomorrow," Sandra told E! News) and host Jesse Palmer is fully on-board, Catherine's worried that production "might be, like, four years down the road." 

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No matter when it airs, though, she and husband Sean Lowe will be sure to tune in, their preferred date nights more of the veg-on-the-couch variety and less scuba diving off the coast of Thailand. 

To ensure some semblance of one-on-one time, the two aim to get sons Samuel, 7, and Isaiah, 5, and daughter Mia, 3, to bed "really early," Catherine revealed. "We're like, 'Okay, what's the earliest we can get them down? And then we have our own time, which has really worked for our family." 

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Nearly a decade into their marriage, the pair's life in Dallas is every bit the fantasy they envisioned when they rode off into the Thai sunset following the final rose ceremony. But they have experienced their share of thorns. 

Topping that list was watching then-5-month-old Isaiah battle an intense bout of RSV back in 2018. Calling it a "traumatic" experience, Catherine recounted to E! what it was like to spend four anxious nights in the hospital as Isaiah struggled to breathe. "And then you see your baby hooked up to all these tubes. This is a child that I'd hold in my arms and breastfeed and now I can't even really touch him. It's such a scary time." 

And so the Lowe Co. founder decided to accept Pfizer's offer to help teach parents more about the all-too-common illness that's become the leading cause of hospitalization for infants.  

"I think sharing my story can hopefully help other moms or people that are planning to become pregnant or are pregnant to be aware that RSV is a scary thing," Catherine explained. Ideally, she'd like to steal them for a sec and have them pay a visit to BewareofRSV.com: "It tells you about solutions and the risks of it and what you should do. I find it to be a really good resource."

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These days their middle child is not only fully recovered, "He is the joy of our family," said Catherine. "He's Mr. Popular and I just can't imagine my life without him." 

As for the Seattle native's journey with former Bachelor Sean, 39, while it's certainly not the most dramatic ever, it's still quite sweet. 

"Honestly, if I could capture the feeling that we have in our house, it is exactly what we wanted," she said of discussions they had during their season's 2013 run. "We're living in a dream world. We're very, very blessed. We feel so grateful that our kids get along with each other and they're sweet, they're polite, they're curious. So we feel like we've been dealt a very good hand right now. And we're just taking it in."

And they're not the only ones still happily sporting their Neil Lane hardware. As we raise a toast to the pair who will mark their 10th anniversary in January, let's also cheers to these other Bachelor Nation duos. 

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