Spring is all about maxi dresses, according to Retviews

With the arrival of higher temperatures, summer clothing is making a strong resurgence in the marketคำพูดจาก ทดลองใช้ สูตรสล็อต. Shorts lead the pack with a substantial 39% increase, closely followed by jumpsuits at 32%. The demand for polos, dresses, and shirts has risen by 25%, while skirts have experienced a 20% growth. As the sun sets with warm and vibrant shades, the top three most utilized colors are yellow, pink, and orange. They are closely trailed by purple, blue, and beige, which has enjoyed a prominent position in colour palettes throughout the year.In spring 2023, the market preferred bermuda shorts (63%) over regular shorts (37%). However, Zara and Mango have taken the opposite approach, with regular shorts (61%) taking precedence over bermuda shorts (39%) in their collections.

The rest of the study compares the material and style trends of Zara and Mango with the overall market over the past two years. The findings reveal a consistent trend in dress lengths from 2022 to 2023: the mini dress is losing ground, while the maxi dress is gaining popularity, and the midi dress remains stable. This evolution is most noticeable at Zara, where the maxi dress experienced a growth of over 20% between the two seasons, accompanied by a 35% decline in the popularity of the mini dress.

In terms of higher-priced items, Zara sets the price of their mini dress at 149 euros, while the maxi dress is priced at 179 euros. In contrast, Mango maintains a consistent pricing strategy, with both their mini and maxi dresses priced at 240 euros. These higher price points are attributed to “collaborations and limited edition collections,” as stated by Retviews.Denim and linen take the spotlight for Spring 2023 as temperatures rise and the influence of 90s and Y2K fashion takes hold of the market. Zara demonstrates the greatest increase in the utilization of linen (+10%) and denim (+43%) compared to 2022, incorporating these fabrics into a diverse range of tops, shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses. While the overall market didn’t see a significant change in denim usage, the adoption of linen increased by 20%.

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