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Democratic Society Congress / Kongreya Civaka Demokratîk

(Abbreviation: KCD/DTK)

Democratic Society Congress was established in 2007 with the aim of realising paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, that refers to objective of building up stateless democracy, gender equality, multiculturalism, communal economy and consensus-oriented societies in the Middle East.

On this vein, the DTK believes that Democratic Autonomy as a new form of decentralised system will bring about a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish question in Turkey. In order to make this real, the DTK primarily organises social groups and institutions in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

The DTK shall be considered as an umbrella organization functioning democratically for grassroots organizations, people’s assemblies, NGOs and formal organizations through coordinating them. Mr. Hatip Dicle and Ms. Leyla Güven are incumbent co-chairs of the DTK now. Mr. Hatip Dicle was arrested in 1994 while he was an MP and sent 10 years in prison and he was incarcerated again in 2009 until 2014.
He is a pioneering figure in the history of Kurdish Liberation Movement in Turkey. Ms. Leyla Güven, former mayor of Viranşehir, Urfa, sentenced to 5 year of imprisonment in 2000s and continued her political activities despite facing that jail time.


Organizational Structure of the DTK

 General Assembly

Standing Assembly


Bureau of the Assembly

Coordination Council

Standing Commissions:

Science, Culture, Language and Education Commission

Diplomacy Commission

Local Governments and Ecology Commission

Economy Commission

Law and Human Rights Commission

Women’s Commission

Political Affairs Commission

Social Policy Commission